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  R & D Services LLC

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Ron Northcutt is 

R&D Services LLC, both names are synonymous with hydraulic cylinder repair, it's in Ron's  blood.


Ron Northcutt knows hydraulic cylinders inside out, unlike many other  so called hydraulic technicians. 


Keeping it simple is what  Ron does and the quality not only shows in his work, it shows in the smile on his customer's faces when their cylinder repairs are completed.


R&D Services LLC can save you money and time because they won't sell you something that isn't needed for your repairs or make you wait any longer than is necessary to get your equipment up and running.

                                   History and Experience

Ron has been repairing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders of all types and brands for most of his adult life. Beginning young and working with two major hydraulic repair companies in South Carolina, Ron's knowledge and experience in his craft can't be matched. Chances are good that if you own hydraulic equipment in South Carolina, especially the midlands, Ron has repaired your cylinders at some point in time over the years.

Now working on his own endeavor as a small business owner for the past few years, Ron's main focus is ensuring other businesses, large or small, continue running with their hydraulic cylinder service needs being met with honesty and integrity.

Quite a few of R and D Service's customers refer to Ron as the "Hydraulics Guy"  when they refer R and D Services to their acquaintances for hydraulic repairs, hence the addition of our new domain name  which directs the customer to our website We chose the domain name for our web presence to separate us from other businesses with similar titles as R & D Services and refer to our main business area in the midlands of South Carolina, however, we perform cylinder repairs for customers across all of South Carolina as well if the need arises. 

                                        "Ron's assistant"
Byron is a rare breed of young folks who is not afraid to get his  hands dirty . In the short  span of  just a few years in the hydraulics  field Byron has become a very knowledgeable  mechanic under Ron's guidance and is fast  becoming  an integral  part of R & D Services.  Byron followed
  in Ron's footsteps by  beginning  his career  as well with a large hydraulics company, Byron's  experience began in factory hydraulic maintenance and cylinder repair.
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